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Is social media really free?

December 12, 2017

Ask yourself, is social media really free marketing? Jumping on the social media business bandwagon is no longer just a passing phase or something for the new-age millennials to enjoy.  Businesses of all sizes, and business owners of all ages, have quickly realized that the correct type of online marketing yields great results.


As a start-up company, any money saved is a win.  Marketing efforts can really cut into the budget, so small business owners and startups tend to lean more towards any type of free advertising to create brand awareness.  Social media appears to fall into that category.


Creating pages on different social networks is free and so is interacting on them for the most part.  Posting pictures of your latest product is a good way to get out there and make your followers aware of what your business is up to.  This can make a real impact on profits, providing you have an extremely large number of followers and killer content on your page.


Growing your brand organically can sometimes be a slow process though.  It requires you to sit down and strategize the best times to post your carefully thought-out posts.  There aren’t any costs involved, except the time you put into those brainstorming sessions.  This is known as owned social media as you decide what content your followers see and you’re responsible for the amount of effort you put in.


Earned social media is similar to word-of-mouth marketing, but online.  One of your followers might share something you posted on social media, which could result in increased website traffic and, ultimately, increased profits for your business.  This is kind of a knock-on effect from your owned social media efforts and for the most part requires little effort from you.  On the downside, you have no control over this and there’s no guarantee that any of your followers will actually retweet.


Then we get to paid social media.  As the term suggests, it means paying to have your posts seen by a targeted audience at an optimum time.  This could be in the form of ads or boosting your posts to reach a much larger audience.  You’ll be able to actually target consumers who want what you’re selling and will pay good money for it.


Organic growth is definitely one way to get your brand out there, but with the addition of so many new businesses every day social media can get a bit crowded.  In order to succeed you need to be ahead of the pack and the simplest way to do this is through paid social media.


Even though you’ll be paying, it’s still an inexpensive way to advertise compared to traditional methods.  A benefit of this is that you can play around with different ways to incorporate this type of strategy into your business, and budget, to see what works best for you.


Align your goals and business vision with a solid paid social media marketing strategy to increase both your followers and your brand awareness.

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